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Business Solutions?

WUZZUF Startups is a CSR offering of services tailored for startups. It grants startups special sponsored access to our extensive professionals’ database, along with access to our full-fledged internships program. WUZZUF also offers startups further hiring options to spot their specific criteria of candidates through FREE hiring plans and matchmaking events. 

Our deep portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of customer needs, including hiring and recruitment, training and learning and networking B2B solutions.

Here is a glimpse about WUZZUF Business programs and solutions in 2018.

If you prefer to have all the interested candidates listed at the Careers section of your website, WUZZUF brings you the ultimate solution to meet this end and still make use of its extensive database and its intelligent matchmaking algorithms. With WUZZUF Redirect, interested candidates can see your post on WUZZUF, yet they will apply through your career portal. 

WUZZUF Internships program is a full-fledged offering to help companies from startups to multinationals spot and hire enthusiastic high-potential young candidates at their intern vacancies anytime a year. It’s easy, quick, and totally FREE, since it is also a part of our CSR mission. 

This program promotes highly skilled graduates of professional certified training and programs and eases the candidate screening process for our employers, where WUZZUF highlights these newly-acquired skills through badges displayed on the WUZZUF profiles of our users. 

WUZZUF Meetups offer aspiring professionals the opportunity to meet their role models and business leaders to take their careers to the next level. It’s the first-of-its-kind program in Egypt, striking through five different knowledge bases; namely, Commerce, Technology, Human Development, Engineering, and Creative. 

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