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Badges are a credible proof of your strong skills. You earn the badges after completing assessments.

High Credibility

Badges are valid for all jobs on WUZZUF. You take the assessments once to earn the badges.

Full Exposure

One-Time Effort

Badges give your profile better exposure to companies, compared to all other profiles.

English Writing

What is Viriphi Assessment 

Practice now in each of the 7 assessed areas:

Viriphi Assessment is a standardized assessment that is delivered in a supervised environment at WUZZUF Talent Center. The assessment is not designed to measure job-specific technical skills, but rather to assess a set of general workplace abilities required for most jobs on WUZZUF.

Numerical Analysis

Interpersonal Skills

Problem Solving

English Comprehension

English Speaking

Teamwork Skills

How it works

See how WUZZUF Badges can help you land the right job in 4 easy steps. It's simple.

Last, you get better exposure in jobs for which you applied and when companies are searching for profiles in our database.



Third, you receive a detailed scores report and earn a badge on your profile for each area where you scored "Strong."

Second, you complete your assessments at a supervised assessment center to ensure high credibility. 


First, you book your Viriphi Assessment that measures a set of general skills.


Rania Busada, Business Analyst

“I came across a Business Analyst vacancy. After earning WUZZUF Badges, I got noticed by OLX that offered me an exciting job opportunity.”

Mostafa Gamal, Mechanical Engineer

“I was applying for a Facility Manager position at Travco Properties. WUZZUF Badges helped me stand out among other applicants and accelerate my career.”

“In a large pharmaceutical company that has thousands of applicants, WUZZUF Badges gave me the opportunity to differentiate myself and get the Product Specialist position.”

What candidates say

Ahmed Khallaf, Pharmacist

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