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Startup Support Program

The Support Program made by a startup and tailored for Startups!

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We know how hard the life of an early stage startup can be. We have been there, and we would not have done it without the help of a supportive ecosystem.

Now, it is our turn to pay it forward by offering young Egyptian startups the opportunity to grow using a customized program tailored to their specific hiring needs.

WUZZUF Startups is a CSR offering of services tailored for startups. It grants startups special sponsored access to our extensive professionals’ database, along with access to our full-fledged internships program. WUZZUF also offers startups further hiring options to spot their specific criteria of candidates through FREE hiring plans and matchmaking events.

What is WUZZUF Startups?

Startup Beneficiaries


Program Partners


(Accelerators & Incubators)

Jobs Posted


Who Can Join?

It’s not for everyone, so check if it’s for you!

Seed, early stage startup with 20 employees or less

Bootstrap Startup 


An Egyptian company, operating in Egypt

Low Hiring Needs

Hiring between 1-2 people per month

Decision Maker

Contact person should be a founder or the hiring manager

We know the hiring struggles you are going through. The costs of support, consultation, and finding the right guy for this hectic position. We feel your pain and we offer you a FREE help-yourself package. By joining, you cut the hassle and streamline your hiring.

Also, WUZZUF Startups program gives you access to our internships program, where you can post an unlimited number of internships for FREE. So go crazy with internships, we expect you offer as many as you can.

Program Perks

30 days with renewal upon request



10 Unlocks monthly

(reset every month)

Database Access

Access to search our extensive database

Job Credit

2 Jobs to most 

every month

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Free Internships


Internship Posting

Dedicated Company Page

Listing the jobs among Startups Jobs Community Page

Support and Beyond!

There is more than HIRING!!

FREE Hiring Plans

Educational Tour

Matchmaking Events

Community Page

Startup FREE Branding !

Program Partners

Some of the Startups we Support

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Term and Conditions

  • WUZZUF Startups Support Program is experimental. It is there to support early-stage startups that are tight on budget.
  • You are expected to efficiently engage with applicants on your active job posts. You should view at least 75% of your applications. If you feel you cannot view more applicants, please close your job.
  • Unlocks will be reset once a month, and your unused unlocks from the previous month will not be carried over.
  • Hiring for third parties is not allowed. You can use this program to hire only for your startup.
  • By joining, you agree to give support as needed to help keep this program economically viable and sustainable. Supporting can be in the form of providing feedback by phone, in focus groups, or through other channels.
  • WUZZUF reserves the right to change program benefits, terms, and/or conditions at any time.
  • WUZZUF reserves the right to modify or end any job, account access, and/or the whole program at any time.

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